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-Grain Bins w/New MP+ Roof
-Drying & Storage Floors
York Grain Legs & Chain Conveyers
Stormor EZEE-DRY Top Dryer
-Fast & Efficient
-No Screens To Clean


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Counter Flow Grain Drying
- NEW 1600BPH Circulator III
- Compudry Command Center
- NEW Touch Screen Controls
- Check Your Command Center from Your     Phone!
- Performance Systems


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Sudenga Industries has earned a reputation for providing the agricultural community with quality service and durable ag equipment.

Nebraska Engineering Company

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Screenless Grain Dryers
- Mixed Flow Dryer
- Commander Control
- Master Moisture Control
- COMMANDnet Remote Management System
Fans & Heaters
Powersweep Unloaders
Bin Liners


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Quality Grain Transfer Equipment
- Grain Pump Paddle Conveyer
- DDG Powersweep Unloading Systems
- Custom Augers


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- Fans & Heaters
- Bin Unloading Equipment

Brownie Systems

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-Tower & Catwalk
-Bin Stairways
-Safety Equipment