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Get to know Hadley Steel

In 1974 six young men Tim Petersen, Curt Herding, Kim Siewert, Rick Like, Brent Johnson & Jim Sorenson got together and decided to start a business. They looked at what they perceived the area needed and set to work to fulfill that need.

They worked out of their houses for the first couple of years, and literally built their business from the ground floor up.

In the beginning the six men built the bins for dealers. In 1977 they decided to start selling the product. They began with MFS bins and Shivvers. They added Sukup, DMC, Neco, Sudenga, York, Stormor, Brownie, Mayrath/Hutchinson, and Spread All. The bins and dryers were the bread and butter of the business but as changes in agriculture were made they diversified. That is what makes Hadley Steel the success it is. They have had the foresight to try new ideas without losing sight of their small town service to others.

By the early 80’s the business was solely owned by Brent and Jim. They stuck it out through the drought in the mid 70’s and the farm crisis of the 80’s; they are still involved today. This past season they sold their business to their sons, Dan Johnson and Tony Sorenson. They both have grown up in this business and have the same business ethic as their fathers.

During the transition to erecting grain bins and installing drying systems they took over the hardware store in Hadley. With that they added items for repairs to the grain handling systems, such as pulleys, bearings, chains, sprockets, capacitors, bolts, bolt bins, drill bits and many additional items that you would need for your repairs. We employ a service crew who is responsible for the preseason prep for the dryers and make repairs to the equipment.

Hadley Steel employs around 30 employees during the season and 12 full time non-seasonal employees. They are one of the larger employers in Murray County and many of those employees started while in high school.

We hope you will stop by and see us. See what new things have arrived on our show floor, which bin and dryer will suit your needs and have a cup of coffee with the owners!

We look forward to working with you

Dan Johnson, owner and president
Tony Sorenson, owner and vice-president